About Screenpro of Central Florida

Screenpro of Central Florida provides quality work with a focus on pride in workmanship at a fair price. With over a decade experience in all things screening, Screenpro of Central Florida can help you make your home better looking and more functional by providing you with top quality work.

Screenpro of Central Florida depends heavily on referrals of prior customers to obtain new work. Our reputation is important to us and our pride in workmanship shines through in every job we perform. That's why we gladly offer a 2 year warranty on our workmanship.

What Makes Us Different?

Screenpro of Central Florida is a family owned and operated business.


Screenpro of Central Florida's owner, Gordon Price, is a central Florida native who not only works to maintain his reputation for taking pride in his workmanship, but also works to improve the community he grew up in by helping to beautify the area, increase home values and provide gainful employment in the area.

Gordon believes in building a company and its reputation by being honest, working hard, displaying integrity and using his decade+ of experience to provide you with top notch results.

Our Team

Our Shop and Office